10 Ways to Use Your Mala Everyday

10 Ways to Use Your Mala Everyday

Praying Hands with Nature Infused Element Mala

Hello Love,

Creating these nature infused Element Malas, personalized to your sign has been such a beautiful gift to me. I wanted to share some more about these precious, hand tied offerings.

A Mala is a traditional Buddhist prayer bead made up of 108 beads, divided into four 27 bead sections. Each section is separated by marker beads, plus, a guru bead at the middle tassel.

Malas are incredible ways to set intention, immerse yourself in mantras, and hold space for manifestations. They can hang in your car, be worn on your neck or your wrist or be kept by your bed or your yoga mat.

I've made a list of 10 ways to use your Mala everyday, in the midst of normal life, incase you need help getting started on your journey with these beautiful, intentional pieces.

1. Malas for Grounding

When you are feeling scattered, floaty, or triggered, a Mala can be an incredibly safe tool for grounding you to the present.

Try counting the beads, then count backwards, using the beads as a guide.

Take some time to deeply and SLOWLY inspect the elements of your mala, feel the knots, twist the beads around and watch how they change, notice the familiar weight of the Mala, twirl your fingers through the tassle. You are safe and HERE.

2. Malas for Mantras and Affirmations

Having a set number of beads makes reciting your mantras and affirmations an intimate and reliable experience. A Mala can help you not only keep track of your recitations, but also help to reduce the distraction of counting or tempation to recite your mantras or affirmations while multitasking and not really focusing on the transformational power of your words.

3. Malas for Prayer

No matter who you pray to, a Mala can be a beautiful tool for entering into prayer, wether its through chanting or repitition, or simply using it as a reminder of your energy, focus, and intention in entering into a space of prayer.

Praying hands with a Mala

4. Malas for Self Reflection and Growth

If your Mala is designed with crystals, gemstones or other symbolic pieces, learning about the meanings, purposes and symbolism behind each bead and stone and meditating on how they apply to you, your human design, your lifesong and your journey is an incredible practice for inner discovery.

5. Malas for Setting Intentions

When you are setting goals, intentions and speaking out manifestations, having a Mala that is customized to those specific paths can bring powerful energy and deepen your connection to your journey. Consider getting a Mala custom designed for the season you are in, with aligned gemstones and bespoke symbolic touches.

6. Malas for Remembrance

A beautiful Mala representing a soul or experience you want to remember, such as a marriage, a loved one who has passed, or a journey you traveled that you want to hold close, is an incredible gift for yourself. It can even be a heartfelt offering, bestowed on a friend or loved one to let them know that you see their journey and are holding space for them.

Close up of hands grasping a handknotted Mala

7. Malas for Unity

Just as a Mala makes an incredible gift, the power of an intentional Mala between humans commiting to eachother, either in business, friendship, sisterhood, or sacred union is expansive. You can have a Mala designed specifically for the relationship, or find one that symbolizes an energy or intention you are bringing into the commitment. 

8. Malas for Breathwork

Just as counting beads on a Mala can be incredibly grounding, using each bead as an expansion of breath, and each knot as a release of energy from your lungs. Malas for Breathwork are a beautiful gift for a student, an anxious soul, or during tests or uncomforable family gatherings.

9. Malas for Mindful Walking

Mindful walking includes taking space to feel the energy exchange between you and the earth, slow, slowly and slower, noticing every detail of each step. A Mala can be more soothing than a timer, gifting you a mark for each step or breath as you focus in deep.

10. Malas for Graditude

Expressing Graditude and allowing yourself deep into a practice of spoken gratefulness is transformative. A Mala for Graditiude markers as you wake, take lunch, or before falling asleep is a powerful tool.

Woman wearing cashmere and a mala

I don't touch or craft a Mala unless my soul is in flow with sweet meditative spaces to reflect and celebrate the incredible beauty of humans and their designs, archetypes, signs, and types.

That's not to say I only work in silence. We live in an 800sq ft cottage and silence is never a guarantee.

-What is a guarantee is that I am in awareness of my energy and the focus of my creativity from deep within, and the life-force singing around me is not something I am trying to escape, or am in overwhelm of.

-What is a guarantee is that when I hold my work, it is with reverence and spaciousness

-What is a guarantee is I make a concious choice to never sit down at my bench in exasperation, depletion or need for myself.

Your energy is sacred, and it is my honor to preserve that and hold it with you while I design your Mala. This is the sacred work of a Lifesong Jewelry designer. I hope that this list of 10 ways to use a Mala in your everyday life was inspiring and encouraging. I would LOVE to hear a comment of other ways you have of using Malas for energetic and life work!