Materials and Sustainability

We highly value sustainability, environmental impact, the small businesses supported, and both the natural and cultural influences in our approach to our business.

We actively research the policies and sustainability efforts of every supplier we work with, and are committed to constantly evolving our sourcing, materials and process to best align with these values.


Unless otherwise agreed upon or noted in the item description, all metal is 14K gold fill.

Gold fill is a time honored alternative to solid gold and is the most durable form of gold jewelry available. While gold plated is mostly a base metal with a very thin coating of gold that will tarnish and rub off quickly, Gold Fill is a sweatproof, skin loving, long lasting, and regulated gold jewelry component comprised of a thin base metal and luxurious layer of quality gold. 

All of our Goldfilled componets are sourced from a family run wholesale business which actively engages with ensuring fair wage, quality work conditions and ethical sourcing from its worldwide artisians. 

Paperclay studs being carved


We work exclusively with a non-toxic, featherlight, earth friendly clay called Paperclay. 

When dry, paperclay is very similar to a soft wood and is quite durable, however it is still both breakable, all natural, and biodegradable.

When you are done with your art pieces, they can be regifted or taken to a thrift or second hand store for an extended life. You are always welcome to ship back to Sonder Adornment and we will gift your earrings or recycle the metal to the best of our ability. No clay goes to waste here in the studio during the design process. All scraps are saved and reused, creating smaller designs or blended into new colors.

Any damaged or returned art pieces are carefully cleaned, repaired and regifted. Or if irreparable, they are taken apart and the metal is recycled. 


We are honored to source the time honored gift of non-toxic, heavy metal free, handmade, earth and plant pigment paints from a family who has been hand harvesting living pigments for multiple generations. 

We believe in sourcing our materials from Indiginous artists and families to be one of the most important values our business can hold and are honored to be able to do so with our living paints. 

You will find details about each pigment used and its testing and certifications within each piece's description. The names gifted to the pigments are the original names from our incredible pigment artist. 



Our finishes are multiple 3rd party tested, with no animal testing, no VOC, no known allergins, and are water based and earth friendly.

We believe your skin is a holy barrier that should only be touched with the most thoughtful and gentle of materials. This is why we finish the clay part of our earrings with certified earth friendly finishes, sourced from a small business artist who is passionate about small batch finishes that are safe enough to touch a baby. 

letter from Ellie



We strive to keep our paper use at a minimum and rely on recycled paper anytime it can be sourced.

For example, our business cards double as our jewelry cards and they are handcrafted out of recycled paper and seeds by an incredible artist. Our jewelry is mindfully packaged in recycled clamshell containers and wrapped in recycled sari silk, everything about it is both gorgeous,100% Mother Earth approved and biodegradable.


We are committed to recycle and reuse, as well as invest in quality, long lasting tools in order to keep our studio's impact on the environment (and our highly limited space) at a minimum.

We source wood and metal tools over plastic and order in the smallest quantities reasonable to ensure no waste is created by overstock of materials, even if this costs us more financially to avoid the more pocketbook friendly bulk wholesale orders. When materials are shipped to us, we recycle all packaging or reuse it if possible, including plastic baggies, which end up in our kitchen.
As we have a toddler and service dog helping in the studio, we are very intentional to keep it non-toxic and babyskin friendly. 


We grow flowers, herbs and medicinal plants to use in our clay infusions in our organic, carbon sequestering, No-Till garden.

We forage legally, respectfully, mindfully and sustainability from the Pacific Northwest Woodland we steward, on stolen Semiahmoo land, and from our local Semiamoo and Lummi beaches. 


A Note on Allergens:

We use lambswool to pad our packaging and have a professional service dog working in the studio at all times. 

While we do our best to keep packaging clean and keep dog hair out of equipment, for Ellie's safety we cannot guarantee an allergen free workspace. While we do use clean, children's toy certified lambswool from non-mulesed sheep to line our jewelry boxes, we can replace that with tissue paper if you wish to omit that packaging option. Please contact us when you place your order and make a special note of this preference. 

A Note on Fragrances:

Our home and studio is fragrance free, and there are never any added fragrances or essential oils added to materials. We do diffuse essential oils and burn incense for our systems' needs in the studio.

 If you have any further questions, comments or ideas on our materials and sustainability please contact us here.