Selah Whale's Journey Earrings - Sonder Adornment LLC
Selah Whale's Journey Earrings - Sonder Adornment LLC

Selah Whale's Journey Earrings

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The Selah features the flowing greens, blues, and greys of Pacific Northwest bays and deeps, rolling with kelp playgrounds under a moonlit sky. Gold and opal, just like the august plankton bioluminescence shimmer in the water as a humpback whale plays in the waves, present with herself, in the midst of her never ending migration travels.

On one earring in the set, the whale's tail splashes the swells under a full moon. On the other earring, the kelpy seas flow around her, years of migration travels etched into her wise, patient face.

INTENTION & RITUAL: The humpback whale is always a beautiful invitation to sing your personal song in the midst of your individual journey. It not so much about the destination, but about choosing your way and choosing fulfillment. The Selah earrings are a wonderful piece to add to intentions of contentment and presence and chosen joy and song within the journey you are on.


  • Selah Earrings are dainty, measuring about 25 mm or 1 in
  • Selah Earrings are featherlight, weighing about 2 grams each


Each item is handmade and textures and colors may vary slightly between pieces. The item in the photo may not be the exact piece you recieve. Colors may vary between screens and computers. 

  • Your earrings are hand carved out of 100% non-toxic, child friendly, natural, Paperclay, which is plastic and phthalate free.
  • Your earrings are hand painted using professional earth and plant pigments hand gathered by an incredible Indigenous pigment artist. These luxurious and child safe pigments are certified non-toxic, heavy metal free and lightfast.
  • Your earrings are sealed with a low VOC, earth friendly, water based, sealer and varnished and glazed with gentle, certified non-toxic, acid free, UV safe, non-yellowing, water based ingredients. 
  • Your glazes may be tinted with natural, cosmetic grade, certified non-toxic, mineral pigment powders which we source from a minority owned business. 
  • Your metal components and findings are skin loving, hypoallergenic 14K Gold filled and 14K Gold, ethically sourced from a family run company ensuring fair wages and safe environments for the small artisans they support.
  • Do not shower or swim or expose earrings to moisture. In order to keep our finishes low VOC, Mother Earth friendly and degradable, they are NOT waterproof. 
  • Your earrings will arrive in a beautiful, earth friendly, mindful and 100% biodegradable unwrapping experience.

For more information on our Materials and Sustainability practices click HERE.

Selah Whale's Journey Earrings - Sonder Adornment LLC

Selah Whale's Journey Earrings

Regular price $150.00 USD
Regular price Sale price $150.00 USD
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