SONDER GROUND -Private Accessibility and Advocacy Coaching - 1 Month - Sonder Adornment LLC

SONDER GROUND -Private Accessibility and Advocacy Coaching - 1 Month

Private Accessibility and Advocacy Coaching

is a gentle, pressure free space mindfully curated to hold your sensory system with honor and respect. 

This is a sacred space to listen to your systems needs, and create supportive solutions to your specific sensory overloads, as well as troubleshoot advocacy needs your family/friend/medical/home/work or other environment/relationship that is not offering you the support you deserve.

1. Within this container, we use Slack to message back and forth in a sensory friendly and accessible way, providing a rich resource of audio and transcriptions to return to as your system is ready to process, question and move forward. 

We will listen to your sensory processing systems and come up with personalized and completely curated solutions for supporting your accessibility within your home space, devices, and expanding out into solutions for supporting your system while out in the world around us.

Instead of having to schedule zooms where one or both of us may not be feeling up to the call....

we will be creating a detailed record of conversations and ideas that both of us can engage with during times that are most supportive for us, within Slack. This supports both memory, energy and creativity in our work together.

2. Over the course of the month, I will walk alongside you in developing a practical Accessibility Plan, full of tools and resources you can implement on your devices, in your home and expand out into other environments to lower your sensory overwhelm. 

Brain Injury and TBI are often overlooked and severely misunderstood by both professionals and the general community. Every brain is so unique, and no brain injury is the same, but that doesn't mean you should be ignored and left to try and find ways to keep up with the "normal" expected of you.

Accessibility starts with being seen, and, in working together, we will be giving your system a chance to be seen by YOU, and by me; to be fully acknowledged, so that we can then find ways to support it.

Accessibility in brain injury is about making the invisible injury visible, and in doing so gifting that injury with the tools and support that it needs to stop feeling like it need to fight or hide at all times to appear to keep up. Keeping up is no longer the goal, Accessing comfort and support is the goal as well as building supportive boundaries.

I will be using these conversations to develop a hard copy Accessibility Plan, for you in an accessible PDF format for you to refer to, and use and expand on within your environment(s).

3. We will also create a targeted Advocacy Plan for an environment of your choosing,

Whether it is working with HR to create a more supportive work environment, or creating a medical folder that is laid out to support your care team in supporting you without you having to run the show, or creating a plan for how to work with family who does not understand or know how to get to choose! 

In our month together, you get to chose an advocacy space for us to troubleshoot together, such as family support, support from providers, safety systems for hospitalizations, support in your workplace and working with HR, etc.

We will discuss the trouble points and how to create a DESIRED SUPPORT where both sides are mutually engaged, and how to create graceful boundaries and know when to find support elsewhere when necessary.

We will work on mindset around Dr/Patient relationships and setting realistic goals and expectations for support systems, as well as mindset on who you are and what kind of support your system deserves and you should be able to expect from those around you.

I will be using these conversations to develop a hard copy Advocacy Plan for you in an accessible PDF format for you to refer to and use in your future work advocating for yourself in that needed and deserved space of support.



Allow me the honor of holding your sacred story,



To craft a nurturing experience. Just for you.

***Private Accessibility and Advocacy Coaching Packages also available  in 3 month and 6 month containers at adjusted prices for deeper resourcing, support and the opportunity to expand your Advocacy into multiple realms, as well as bring on caretakers and family and friends into our circle of nourishment and support created for intentionally YOU. 

Important Disclaimer: My support is not covered or reimbursable with insurance and does not provide therapy, legal, religious or medical advice. 

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