A Sonder: About Us

You deserve aligned, luxurious safety and energetic witness to your intentions, stories and manifestations.

Jewelry holds so much potential to be an intensely somatic experience!

It is something that travels your day, attends you rituals and opens up opportunities and conversations with its energy.

Jewelry isn't just a luxury, it's a powerful, personal, energetic space. It is my honor to preserve that safety and hold it gently with you.

Ender Forget Me Not Earrings - Sonder Adornment LLC

Hello love, I am Ellie

Designer at Sonder Adornment
In Blaine, Washington, USA.

I design and handcraft each piece of jewelry available to you in our Vault.

"I don't touch or craft your jewelry unless my soul is in flow with sweet meditative spaces to reflect and celebrate the incredible beauty of humans and their designs, archetypes, signs and types. "-Ellie

Your energy is sacred, and it is my honor to preserve that and hold it with you throughout the entire process of creating your jewelry.

Laura Strawberry Coast Earrings - Sonder Adornment LLC

"I work mainly by

Feel, color and limited sight."

Sonder Adornment's handsculpted, handpainted living ritual jewelry is mindfully made out of non-toxic clay, gemstones, living pigments, and 14K gold filled components.

Each piece is designed with intentional preparation and ceremony, inspired by the beautiful Pacific Northwest nature and humans around us.

I am a 7 year traumatic brain injury survivor, with a toddler on my hip and a medical alert dog at my feet, intentionally nurturing our family and my own energy, which allows me to hold sacred spaces for your energy.

Lavender Clay Watercolor Earrings

What Mother Nature offers

throughout her seasons

is brought into my peaceful cottage studio, studied and processed, pressed, preserved or personally infused into natural, earth and child friendly clay, designing intricate little gatherings of hope, inspiration and empowerment, with a gentle nod to my intuitive, colorful and beautifully adorned Polish Roma ancestors.

Your jewelry from Sonder is unhindered by the energy and beauty of ethically sourced, skin friendly, 14K Gold Fill components, and I ensure each piece that touches you was crafted gently: with reverence and respect to local customs, beliefs and indigenous laws. 

I then use a water-based, earth friendly sealant, as well as non-toxic, heavy metal free, handmade, living earth and plant pigment watercolors, pastels and glazes to finish each gentle and featherlight, yet powerfully alive and energetic piece that is designed to serve YOUR somatic energy.

Ellie holding a toddler and a bunch of sculpting and paint brushes

"Every story deserves a powerfully energetic witness."


The jewelry I create for you becomes an empowered witness to the hope and stories you share, which shape its creation and intention into a powerfully personal piece of inspiration, celebration and welcome, for whatever spaces you are manifesting!

I hope that this is always a place of intentional safety, deep healing, luxurious softness and energetic connection that you feel welcome to come home to.

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